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We are proud to announce that Codobux is a highly recognized service provider for all your UI/UX design needs. Our designers are very keen and enthusiastic about providing top-notch services that can truly reflect your business and connect with your audience. Our team incorporates the latest technology stack and offers business-driven solutions to create intuitive designs for websites as well as mobile apps. We are well-equipped with technical competency to sketch your brand in an effective manner.
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We follow best practices to deliver design services

Target audience and goals

Our UI/UX design process begins with thorough research about the business, its products/services, and its targeted audience. This assists us in crafting mind-blowing app interfaces and screens.

Competitor analysis

Our team utilizes various tools to dive deep into the competitors' lists and their offerings. Based on an extensive analysis of competitors, we design the website or app to take it on the topmost position.

Analyzing existing solutions

We have a highly skilled team of designers who carefully analyze the existing scenarios and build solutions with a motive to take the app to next level. Bring your businesses to us and see the transformation!

Rapid Prototyping

We simultaneously keep on working over prototyping with a clear vision of your business. Our team builds storyboards and prototypes to give you an idea of the final outcome and wait for your approval.

Create Actual Design Mockups

Based on our understanding and research, we create design mockups with sophisticated integration of themes, fonts, and colors to drive the required emotions and attract more customers.

Testing Usability

The last phase is to test the website design, where our testers play a crucial role. They test the app/website and how its design works or looks. We provide a fully functional site/app with appealing UI/UX design to mark a presence in this digital world.

Our App
UI/UX Process
At Codobux, we stick to our strict ethics and use state-of-the-art procedures to provide mobile development services. Our strategic approach for development comprises of few steps- Discussion, Design, Development, and Production. We adhere to following all business norms and stay in compliance with the requirements of the client.
Our work process is the ladder that will take you and your business to the top position.


Upon receiving a project, we sit with all team members and the product owner to discuss the project goal and schedules.


Our designers play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the mobile app.


Codobux’s team of professionals leverage their development skills to curate a product that you always dreamed of.


Finally, the app is made bug-free and ready for production in a selected environment. Call us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

UI/UX design is all about enhancing user satisfaction by improving the product’s usability, accessibility, and overall experience of a user with that product.
Having a good UI/UX design is crucial for improving the user experience. This results in increased user satisfaction, improved usability, higher user retention, and business success.
The design process of a site or application involves research, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, usability testing, and implementation.
User Interface (UI) is all about the visual elements of a product; however, User Experience (UX) tells about the overall experience a user has with a product.
There is a diverse variety of tools that a designer can utilize to build a visually appealing product. The wireframing tools such as Sketch and Adobe XD); prototyping tools (e.g., InVision, Figma); graphic design tools (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator), and collaboration tools for streamlining the process.