List of products
Hold your breath and get an insight into our latest achievements. We proudly showcase our products that we’ve developed for various use-cases. This is not the complete list of our products, it serves as the minor portion of what we have developed till now. Have a glimpse at some of our listed products and contact us to build various high-end products for your businesses.



Yellodesk is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) designed & developed by Codobux. The Yellow Desk assists HR and Employees with every stage of the employment lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement and everything in between. As a professional Industry, we use the below functions in our yellow desk:



Imghippo is the #1 image hosting website and serves its clients with high-quality services. The main goal of our service is to ensure that the users find it easy when hosting their images or converting HEIC to JPG, compressed, and using any other image-related services.
Whether you’re an individual photographer or a social media influencer, Imghippo has got you. With us, you can enjoy our services from among the best free image hosting sites that do not cut into your quality. Other than image hosting, Imghippo also offers several other services, these include HEIC to JPG conversion for Apple users, HTML to Image converter tool which is useful in website designing portals, and also screenshot capture service.



Insiger is a blog posting website where you can post or read a variety of Vlogs. Insiger has a feature where we invite passionate writers and content creators to join our community. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and voices, and we’re excited to provide a platform for you to share your unique insights, experiences, and expertise with our readers. We are committed to publishing original and authentic content.



Typetawk is a chat tool where all our employees can connect without any hustle. It allows employees to connect with relevant teams, and solve complex issues with less time. Moreover, our clients get involved in the chat of their particular projects. Where they can see the progress and discuss the issues in detail with the developers.