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Since 2007, Innowise has been rendering IT staff augmentation services, providing customers worldwide with highly qualified IT professionals.

Best IT Staff Augmentation Services

Codobux top IT Staff Augmentation Service provider! As a trusted IT staffing company, we specialize in connecting businesses with top-tier talent to meet their unique project needs and goals. Our dedicated team acts as an extension of your workforce, seamlessly integrating with your existing team to provide the expertise and support required for success.

How to Get Started with IT Staff Augmentation Services

Getting started with Prismetric IT staff augmentation is simple and efficient. You can simply fill out the form and our staff will contact you for a meeting. Here is the straightforward process of recruiting the required tech workforce.



Discuss With Us


Define Expectations/


Tech stack and infrastructure


Finalize the plan

Scale Your IT Projects Seamlessly with Our Expert Staff Augmentation!

Our Zone of Genius.

React Native Mobile Development

Outstaff React Native developers and deliver cross-platform iOS & Android mobile applications. We were among the early adopters of the framework, switching to it back in 2016. Typically, our Stack also includes Redux, Redux-Saga, Apollo, GraphQL.

React.JS Web Development

React.JS staff augmentation to provide web application development services with a perfectly tested React front-end. Deliver a smooth web experience to users across all digital platforms.

iOS Development

Build native apps that smoothly integrate with iPhones and other Apple devices by outstaffing iOS developers. Enhance your in-House team with our domain platform-specific expertise or get your app done by a Remote IT staff augmentation company.

Android Development

Deliver a native mobile experience for users on Android devices by outstaffing Android developers. We can either enhance your in-House dev squad with our domain platform-specific expertise or build a Remote Android Team to work specifically on your project.

Industries We Serve

IT staff service is possible in various industry niches. We do not believe in one-solution-fits-all theory and that is why our IT workforce will cater to your requirements based on your industry type and size. Here are the top industries we have successfully served with our tech experts:

Growth Marketing

Why Codobux for IT Staff Augmentation Services?

When it comes to IT Staff Augmentation Services, Codobux stands out as the top choice. As a trusted IT Staff Augmentation Agency, Codobux offers unparalleled expertise and support for IT Staff Augmentation Services In Canada. With our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, we provide the best offshore Staff Augmentation Services tailored to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about IT Staff Augmentation Services

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